Friday, September 05, 2008

shitty interview

After spending more than one week revising the essential *at least I thought those things are essential la* for my interview today. The dreaded day has finally come. And it is today.

I just got back from the interview and feeling shittier than ever. The air at the waiting room was very tense. Everyone look so nervous and of course, yours truly as well.

Checking of the documents at the registration table

Pegawai: Dah susun dokumen ikut turutan yang dikehendaki?
Me: Sudah
Pegawai: ....
Pegawai : Dah susun belum? Kenapa tak jawab? Jadi cikgu mesti...bla bla..yada..yada..

*who was the one who didn't hear anything in the first place? Nvm!*

My turn came


Me: Selamat pagi tuan
Interviewer: Sila duduk
Me: Terima kasih tuan *sopan la konon*
Interviewer: Perkenalkan diri anda

SO, I told him my name and where I am working now + subject I am teaching now

Interviewer: Ceritakan tentang keluarga anda dan pendidikan anda

I only mentioned one or two things about my family background and where I got my early education + college

Interviewer: Saya minta anda ceritakan tentang keluarga anda, kenapa tak cakap? Ini beritahu pasal pendidikan saja. Cikgu tak faham ke cikgu?

Me: ........Maaf Tuan *start talking about my family again*

Then, he asked me about what subject I teach, bla..bla.. marah me because I am not teaching my option (Bio/ Chem). I sat there helplessly with muka 20 sen.

Ok, done with first part torturing.

Interview: Sekarang soalan pengetahuan am. Apa pendapat anda tentang sistem pengangkutan awam di Malaysia?

................Damn it! Of all things why ask me this *if tourism and culture or politics easier la*

I just told him that the public transportation system is generally average throughout the country. Gave him example of buses and LRT, some cities like KL is ok but like in KK not so good.

Then of course, I got condemned again la..


He said my thinking very narrow because I say buses and trains. *example ma, haiya* Then he mention about MAS getting awards for best airlines la...yada yada yada..

Me: ...................................

Then again, lecturing part come again. He said I am not a critical thinker, i don't open my mind and yada yada yada

*owh, when this will end?*

Interviewer: Ok soalan terakhir, siapakah ketua negeri sabah?

*I was contemplating between giving the name of the TYT or the CM*

I answered the TYT's name...

AAAA...last question also kena query again, not the right way of addressing the TYT. I forgot to mention "Yang di-Pertua"

Verdict: Will be known after two months. Btw, the interview room that I went into is where the most-cerewet-and-very-menakutkan punya panel interviewer. Bilik Sipadan.

Personally I don't think it was a good interview. And it certainly ruin my day. Grumpy people in the morning, can't they just be nice especially with the open-ended question. They shouldn't insist on us or expect us to answer according to what they have in mind.

Everyone has their own view. That's what is being called an intelligent conversation

Whatever it is I just hope I will pass that interview. If not I won't be confirmed as a teacher.

*it's not easy to be in this line, seriously!*


Onderay said...

well, at least no sexual harassment which could easily occur during interview with the bastards....

Joan said...

sexual harrassment tu memang dun have la for this kind of interview la my dear.

chegu carol said...

u know, lots of my friends got complaint that their interviewers are like the one u mentioned here. luckily when i did mine, the interviewer (a Datuk) was very kind. He was strict, yes but kind and polite. the question that i remembered most...'state the five rukun negara'...phewwwwwww, lucky i got that nailed in my head. lol!

but dun worry, as long as u did the talking, chances you failing the interview aint that big.

life said...

huhu teruk juga tu interviewer...hehe

Vienne said...

whoooaaahh...sampai mcm tu skali???banyak kana timbak tu mcm tu...sama la mcm sa...kena ckp pengetahuan am kena puji juga la sebab can be a very good teacher.the datuk was so nice..lupa ody tu siap mengajar di depan dia lagi, just tu test my English whether i can speak english or not. but lucky he sed, sabahan peoples doesnt have any prob speaking in english..bangga juga la sikit.. but i tell u, as long as u bring all the documents, the chances of failling is very low...that is what i was told la the one yang approach u first in da morning tu bha..bikin panas!

NoyIbrahim said...

wahh...scary jg itu interview tu..huhu..

erizabesu said...

Hi Joan...
I can understand how you feel. Don't worry. Sure you'll succeed in the interview.

Lindut a.k.a Carmel said...

wadedeh...kesian oh u..

Joan said...

m hoping for the best la ni..fingers crossed :]

TaQuiLa said...

OMG was that that hard eh for the interview?!aduii..if me now,my knowledge totally zero!huhuuu..nvm i know u have a very good u'll passed lor..