Wednesday, September 17, 2008

wednesday again

and a wet one as well. I think its raining east and west, north and south as well. I saw almost everybody's facebook status is saying something about the rain.

and the rain made me stay in bed longer than I should. it's almost 11 and am still here. awake la. but blogging. hehe. bad habit. procrastination at its best.

i have been away for the past few days, away from my laptop of course. Just came back from KL last night, and i regret that I didnt take another day off today....

Owh, silly rain you make me so lazy.

anyway, the trip to KL was indeed a short one. Didnt manage to take a lot of pics. But, I really fell in love with these when I was there. How I wish they have it here in KKthis cheese cupcakes can only be found in two outlets in Malaysia. The Loaf Langkawi and The Loaf Pavillion, KL

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Carmelliny said...

so sayang to eat oh...oh,by the way..there's a tag for you..