Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kiro mati

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I miss KIRO. my one-eyed ikan koruk.

He is dead. ( I am not sure of its gender also but I assume that he is a HE la)

I just found out today. But I guess he is dead for quite some time la. The body hancur already.

Almost cant see him inside also. Because the water is so, VERY murky. Everyone at home had forgotten about him la I guess. That's why he died.

Since the other fishes tookover the nicer aquarium, Kiro have to settle with a very small aquarium. Placed at a corner where people will only OCCASIONALLY notice his existence. Even though, Koruk *dunno what is the English name* fishes known to have really good survival in any condition.

No food, Didnt change water in aquarium. What will fish will survive that?

I guess that could explain why he died la.

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Anonymous said...

alala.... si kiro mati da... kesian oh...