Tuesday, September 23, 2008

the innocence of youth

just some random past pictures during some event. This was a story telling competition but this girl have a "talian hayat" a.k.a personal assistant beside her.

The sidekick whispering the story to her ear so that she can say it out loud on the microphone.

Seems that this is another format of story telling competition. *smiles*

*anyway, I have changed my blog layout...but bf said like nothing has changed on my blog also. urgh...susah payah saya tukar sendiri, no download2 blogger template; everything my design using shabby princess stuff, pun tidak kena perasan. blergh*


maslight said...

wuah new layout

Vienne said...

lawa weh..help me change with mine...hahaha..all this while sa x pandai2 lagi mo tukar layout

Onderay said...

wa wa..new layout!!

got butterfly and heart all around..cantik2..

profile tukar also...great job!!


Joan said...

thanx massy

ya claire.bisa2. nanti ada inspiration sa buat for u. :)

Joan said...


i know when someone is faking their expressions.

i just know

Onderay said...

alar..not spotting la..