Tuesday, September 23, 2008

buka puasa

This is coming to the final week of puasa. Next week Hari Raya already. Yay! for me, it's a celebration of food. No need to wait for raya, now, ramadhan also, most of us *the ones obeserving ramadhan or not* also are rejoicing for the abundance of food available.

*I bet this Ramadhan will definitely add up some pounds on the scale*

Oh! I am a bit tired now, feels like sleeping early. Somehow, I just need to blog. I don't like the fact that I can't start and end my day if I don't sit in front of my laptop. Is this addiction?

*at the same time, the exam papers are waiting to be done- I am supposed to set the Maths question for the final semester examination. But what to do, this is procrastination at its best*

Also, I hate the media is trying to make the Theresa Kok's statement about the prison food to be such a big issue.

It is nothing actually, but now, they are trying to link that matter as an insult to the poor la, insulting the police la.

This Namewee also in Malaysia now, police taking his statements.

RPK is sentenced into 2 years under ISA

Murder of the wife of ex Bukit Tambun MP


There is too much things going on now. TOO MUCH! and it's definitely not going to be any better by the day. Just quit all this nonsense. For now, the mainstream media(especially RTM) and those politicians are totally those who should get a life. Acting like bitches and bimbos ~ Just get a life you all


sweet-girlicious said...

waaa...is seem you are so emotional lately..eheh

Joan said...

i guess i am la fion