Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I think I woke up at the wrong side of the bed --> moody

But, it can't be everyday right? --> moody almost everyday

I hate my Friendster and Facebook. --> but why everyday must go and check

Because it seems to be a routine, mail + blog + FB + FS --> break the cycle la, do something else.

I can't --> Lame answer

Everyday I see my friends with their happening lives, pretty photos, looking slim like they never even have to worry about getting fat --> So?

It is the updates from them that I got through FS and FB made things in my life is even suckier than it is now --> Emo again. Wats up girl? Your period coming is it?

Huh. Maybe. I dunno. I am so retarded now --> Uhm...no comment
pics are all from www.nataliedee.com


fie the elf said...

i totally feel you!!

Joan said...


maslight said...

*rofl~ the images are funny. Though, I've gone through those days when I'm moody and I'm against everything XD

sweet-girlicious said...

hmmm...seem so stress there..well,we need to believe ourselves.sometimes, what people don't have but u have and that make u unique in some other way.an what u need is to proof that u have some specialty in you that people need to realize:)and for me u are wonderful girl..heheh

Joan said...

tq peeps.