Thursday, September 11, 2008

burned out?

today, my head was totally not cooperating with me.

Words coming out of my mouth but it just doesnt synchronize with my brain. When I was teaching in class, I got my tongue twisted to say things to the kids.

In my head was to say out simple stuff

"Frequency means that the number of times that the item occur in the set of data"

But, my mouth was saying out something like this...

"Frequency means how many times the number will come up and you have to count how many times it occur and this usually happen in a set of data for example in this class how many boys and girls, you count and the number you get is the frequency"

*what the heck? When I recall what happen in my teaching today, I don't blame the students for their blank and blur reactions that they have on their faces*

and after work, I went for an aerobic session [senamtari Malaysia- they used Malaysian ethnic dance choreographed to be aerobic exercise movements], 30 mins for that and later continue for badminton session for 1 hour.

The aftermath of this, I had my head spinning right after I had shower and I need a pillow to stabilize my spinning head. ahahaha.

You Are 46% Burned Out

You're fairly burned out, and it shows.

You probably have been feeling a little rundown and irritable lately.

If you can, drop a few of your minor responsibilities and focus on what's really important.

You have too much on your plate, and it's catching up with you.

Are You Burned Out?

But i seriously don't feel like I am burned out at all. In fact, after all those workout session...I felt better.

I guess its the effect of the weekend coming thats why my mood is not so down...wahaha!

Everybody love weekends right?


chegu carol said...

who organised the aerobik? sounds fun!

Joan said...

the organizer is pejabat belia dan sukan here in tamparuli. very interesting form of aerobics