Thursday, October 30, 2008


is the only word now. damn i hate the period when it is nearing the school holidays.

A LOT of things to do with SO LITTLE time

why did they wanna wait until the last minute to do it then.



Anonymous said...

"why did they wanna wait until the last minute to do it then."

ya lor, everywhere its basically the same thing. the infamous "Malaysian time".

Lett said...

U just focus on the holiday itself. I think it will bring more joy and peace in mind above all your hectic situation. So nice got a long holiday.

Joan said...

serra.. yeah, it is really Malaysian time attitude and the other thing that I hate the most that we have to cover up the "buntuts" of the OTHER people who is slacking behind. cis!

rayner..actually teachers don't really have long holidays. little did people know that the school holiday is the "on-call" time for teachers. ANYTIME can be called up for meetings, courses and even duty at school. only the smart ones know how to avoid the job. nonetheless, everyone get the same amount of crap anyway.
my school gonna have their hols on 8th of NOv, but we still gotta attend courses and meetings after that date. So how to focus on hols?