Wednesday, October 08, 2008

back off you people

warning: this post is so E.M.O and full of hatred. If you don't like the vibe leave now

I just don't like it when you start talking and you get ignored in a conversation. It's so plainly rude (according to my dictionary)

Me: Eh, I wanna tell you ah.. {got cut out by a yapping voice}
Person : The kedai behind that building ah..bla bla bla

Hello, you are not the only with the story okay?

I just don't like it when you are seeking sympathy and get ignored and even worse being misunderstood. It just hurt a lot more after that rather than not telling anything in the first place. Even making the wound bleed more is when your situation could be the joke of the day

I just don't like it when people start telling you on how to do things. Especially telling that out loud in-your-face and in-front-of everyone as if you are the greatest loser of all time.

Person: Your way to do this, sure can't work one..yada yada yada
Me: Ok2, maybe I can try..

It's the effort that counts and I am not the person who can't be criticized but a little acknowledgment doesn't hurt before the suggestion right? Even better DON'T compare. Everyone has their own way to do things. Just don't act like you are Mr-Know-It-All

So, back off you people. I just hate you all.

Don't agree with what I wrote, don't complain, who ask you to read until the end of the post anyway.

~I also don't like it when I am broke. wawawawawaa~


Anonymous said...

i know these type of people. just because they've lived a few (probably a lot) more years longer than u, they think they know it all, they think they deserve respect, they think they lebih makan garam. they've forgotten the fact that the years they lived before (and without) u was the time yg belum berapa advanced. the thinking also not so modern. so of course then gaya also ketinggalan zaman. tu lah.. terlebih makan garam bah tu.

assuming these r ur colleagues.

hope ur ok oredy!

Joan said...

thanx serra, m better now