Monday, October 13, 2008

pmr exam starts today

i am not sitting for one la of course.

the school is far away in a town called Kiulu, nice place to go white water rafting as well. me, myself never tried it even for once. it isn't so far also but never go.

second day is tomorrow, and it's gonna be the whole day

the thing is now, I have a stomach that goes "krok..korok..korok" and spin like a washing machine. I have been running in and out of the toilet since noon.

how am I gonna cope with tomorrow if my stomach still like this. oh! susah ni

on another note, I am invigilating at another school but at my own school got one candidate broke his right arm just before the first paper started. he fell down.

talk about bad luck eh. right handed and right hand patah. cannot write!!

how to sit for exam like that?


Lett said...

Joan.... SMK Tun Fuad Stephens kan? Itu sekolah lama sia tuh Joanne. Dari form 1 to form 3, i was there.... siok tuh sana... a lot of sweet memory..... kan bagus kalau sia jadi cikgu dan mengajar di sana...

cereal87 said...

Aiyo... but no worries, Lembaga peperiksaan are nice people. They give you extra handicapped time on special cases such as this accidents. Cross our fingers and wish this student the best :)

Joan said...

ya d smktfs..aman damai ni sana. compared to smk tamparuli

Anonymous said...

yes, my old school oso. the thing is u have to be there long enough to experience the hidden chaos under that tranquil veneer. haha.