Thursday, October 09, 2008

tiring thursday

yes, indeed. Not to mention the heavy downpour in the afternoon. Today, i left my work place and once I reached home only I realized I didn't punched my time out.

Aiya, this is the first time oh. I NEVER forget to punch my time to go back because I am always on time to go back. Haha. This is Guru Cemerlang. About coming to work, no need to elaborate la. *shy only*

Anyway, the clouds that hung over my head for the past few days sudah hilang {gone} and my mood is recovering. Felt much better.

I have been planning to do this post, but I it was delayed and now here it is :
some local albums review *well not exactly a review la, just wanna mintapuji*

A new group that everyone should look out for --> Papier Mache.'s a 7 piece band and I am liking the genre of music that they have in their album. It's a fusion of ballads, sumazau beat, jazz touches and some "rock" kinda thing going on especially with those guitar solos on some tracks.

Nice songs and they compose their own songs too, they are definitely a melting pot of pure musical talents. I am liking track no.3: Growing in the light and track no.8: Nung olingan oku dia. Track 4: Iya om iya also 'siok'. As I said this album is an eclectic mix of songs. But, I am kinda dissapointed on why song after song in the whole album sounded kinda very generic to me thus only these 3 songs mentioned earlier stood out. *or maybe it's just my ears*Apart from that, this album is worth buying for its fresh new sound of fusion going on. You want something unique to listen to. Buy one now. If can't find on the market, let me know, I can get one for you :)
More about them [here]

Ooh, and another album that I bought recently --> Linda
Yeah, the AF star produced a Kadazan Dusun album. I saw the CDs in shops but didn't manage to buy it but thanks to her brother who is my colleague at work. He managed to get me one.

The usage of traditional instruments and the acoustic guitar for track No. 4: Oi Odu, it just blew me away. That is my fave song in this album. But, I found the lyrics in the one and only Malay song in this album to be very 'mentah', I just do not know how to explain. It just doesn't sound so right or ngam. "kita berjumpa di pesta"..lalala.something2..haha . Kinda lame I think.

All in all, her vocals is outstanding and this album brought a new dimension to me. Yes, it changes my perspective towards the local music scene. [more here]

It is so unlikely for me to buy KadazanDusun albums. *yeah, say am not patriotic with my race but what to do, colonization happens, but now am going back to my roots*.

Yet, after listening to these 2 cds (papier mache and linda), it taught me again on how to know and learn more about my own mother tongue. seriously. It really helps in building the love to learn the language that I should be using rather than the normal Malay and English.

and here's a recommendation also, always we travel to other places and buy souvenirs why not introduce our music as a souvenirs to our visitor from outside. tourism talk la ni. hehe


Minsulod said...

joan...never heard about the group. mau juga sa dgr tu lain kali gia.

c linda punya cd tu mcm sia pun mau hehe. where can i get the cd?

joan dont forget to get your award ah. nanti ko ambik dr blog sia.
Take care.

Joan said...

u want to buy papier mache? kasi tau jak sia. nda ko rugi. memang la nda pernah dingar durang cos new band ba. tapi nda rugi ba beli album durang.

ya cd si linda tu, mana2 kedai jual cd pun ada * i think la *. if ko betul2 nda dapat cari. maybe i can help la nanti.

btw, thanx for the award