Sunday, April 14, 2013

Surviving without a smartphone

Life now is practically having an extra limb growing at the palm of our hands. Yes, the smartphones is the extra limb these days. It's like forever there. I hate it myself to face the fact it is hard to part with these gadgets.

The first thing that you hold when you wake up is your phone and the last thing you put down before you close your eyes to sleep is your phone. Something that we ALL know isn't right but it is essential. We need to set our alarm clock before we sleep right? and hit the snooze button so many times before we wake up right.

And before each meal, we don't really say grace anymore but it's all about

A) taking picture of the food
B) taking picture of the food and you
C) taking picture of the food and you while eating

And after that it will be posted on instagram or facebook and notifications poured in like water as people "liked" and "commented" on your photo. One hand shoving spoonful of food to the mouth and the other one scrolling the phone. Eyes on the screen and dead silence on the dinner table.

No one talk to each other these days. Well, that's a lie - but its becoming less. Its surprising to see people who interact like nobody's business on facebook or other social media but are totally strangers when they are face to face. Betul bah.

I think we all need a day without smartphones. Just a break. If a day might be TOO hard maybe we all should start with a couple of hours without these gadgets ( sleeping hours not counted ).

Hmmm...saya pikir dulu, which day yang ngam for me without smartphone therapy day ni.


Just said...

great idea! my sis-in-law and bro-in-law berFB chat pdhal dua2 dlm rmh! Teruk kan!

Joan said...

@Just .. kan? it happens. Lack of human touch sudah these days.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Glad not to be part of that demography :D. Abis kasian teda smartphone. hahaha

Jue said...

bagus juga klu 1 hari teda hpone di tangan kan....hehehe