Monday, October 15, 2012

Good morning

It's quite a rare situation that I am actually blogging right after I settled down on my desk at work.

Well, it's quite a routine to just check my Instagram, checked in Foursquare and browse through my Facebook for at least 15minutes after arriving at work. Talk about "productivity"- haha. In any case, those teacher-haters who always says we have a lot of free time in our hands are actually plotting a plan to bash on teachers; go on! I have nothing to lose. I know that I am a human to who needs my social media relief.

Anyway, this is my view on my work station now. I didn't sleep well last night. I only manage to drift to sleep by 3am and I am groggy at work. I was supposed to be at school by 7am but I clocked in at 7.59am. 59 minutes late. Bwahahahaha! Anyway, Alleluia for the PMR exams, students are off and it's all about paper works and exam scripts.

Marking papers, leggo!!

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Just said...

i miss math!!!