Tuesday, October 02, 2012


Hi, I am Joan and I am a hoarder.

I am in the middle of the decluttering my room now. The last weekend was filled with the leisure room project ( in case you are wondering its where all the music stuff and gaming stuff are).A makeover as well and the whole of this week is for my bedroom.

When I opened the boxes on top of my cupboard, to my surprise it was filled with memories from primary school till now. Will blog about the "treasures" soon. In the meantime, I am chucking out the things that I should have thrown out ages ago but letting it go is the hardest part.

Sentimental person I am. But too sentimental pun susah juga. Semua barang mau simpan. Atui. Bahaya. I have not much room for the stuff in the past. Somehow, filtering out the things are hard. Or maybe I hold onto the past too much.

One of the things that I almost can't let go is my journal during 1st year and 2nd year in uni. From the stories of social challenges, exam blues, major heartbreaks, crushes, alcohol intolerance, parties and suicidal thoughts. I read it back last night and some of the names I can't even recall anymore. Haha. As much as I treasure the memories, it's time to move on I guess.

So, this post will be a reminder for me that I have gone through that years (18 going on 20 years old period and this was also the pre blogging years ) with a lot of bittersweet memories. Plus it's good to be reminded that I have my family and best friends who helped me go through those moments.

This are all the sampah from the top of my cupboard. Sudah sudah la stories from the past to be kept kan, just remember the good memories kan.

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