Friday, October 26, 2012

Eventful evening - Chaos at the airport

Chaos at the airport this evening. I had an eventful evening and am just gonna keep things short

So, me and my sisters are en route to KL for the Big Bang concert.

Originally, it was supposed to be at 1710hrs but I got a text telling about the flight delayed to 1855hrs. OK FINE!

We reached the airport and start queuing up for the boarding hall at 1800hrs and the line was like this. OK FINE!

And I get to know that there's a LOT of flight are delayed before this and almost all the flights supposed to fly together. OK FINE!

We almost reached the boarding gate and there's the announcement, our already DELAYED flight is gonna be DELAYED again because the runway lights are not working and they are closing the runway from 1800-2200hrs. OK FINE!

Tunggu skijap lagi in the line, and the legs gave up and we ended up sitting on the floor making ourselves at home. OK FINE!

Then came another announcement, ALL FLIGHTS ARE CANCELLED! 

And I was like...This is a no more OK FINE moment, it was totally a WHAT THE F*CK moment. Everything seems to be in slow-mo after the announcement and all the noise around seems to disappear and the background. It took me a couple of minutes to come back to my senses.

Checked with the other AirAsia crew and they asked us to queue at the counter. 

So, the real horror begins!
We no like Q-ing with uncivilized people!!!
Summary of the 4 hours queuing ordeal

  • There's SO many people!
  • The Mat Salleh lady in the pic above ( behind us in green ) started shouting with the staff and the other guests semua pun batu api.
  • There's an uncle accused me of cutting his line in which in the photo above clearly showed that he was nowhere to be seen before that. Apparently he was the one cutting the queue. The bini came in to gang up lagi. Cakap saya student potong queue with my trolley. ( Thanks anyway for saying me I look young like a student and hell no I haven't got any trolley with me that time - see pure accusation! )
  • I shouted back at the Uncle " IF YOU REALLY WANT TO GO IN FRONT OF ME, JUST SAY IT NICELY, I WILL LET YOU PASS" then dia pigi dapan saya and he could only manage to bypass me and got stuck somewhere near the counter unable to get his turn as well.
  • There's a pregnant lady who was in a panic attack who was cursing like hell and marah semua orang " INI LAH NI AIRASIA MAKAN DUIT ORANG SAJA " She said. Mau suruh dia calm down pun tidak tau cemana sudah.
  • Then another student cut queue at a nearby counter and the rest of the queue bombard him with merciless words
  • Another counter nearby was heated with arguments because the line hardly move and the guy was cursing in Chinese and I don't understand anything but I know the lady behind me was being a batu api shouted " YA, MARAH DIA.. MARAH DIA"

I finally managed to reach the counter and sempat lagi snap gambar. I just dont know what to feel that time. Exhausted mentally  I guess. It was a real mental challenge. Everybody wants to run amok and running out of patience. I pity those with connecting flights and what not. But everything seems to be at a bad timing la.

UMS students all on mid-semester break, people balik kampung for AidilAdha, long weekend and people on weekends getaway. Hmmm.

And this is the poor fella who bersusah payah do all the amendments and answer all the angry customers. I salute to the people who can maintain their cool in situation like this.

We got our flights rescheduled for 1055 tomorrow because there's no more flights tonight and no more earlier flights than the ones given. Sigh.

Well, everything happens for a reason.

Something good to know ya.
Anyway, the concert tomorrow better be good. And hopefully there's no more problem like this tomorrow. Fingers crossed. I should go to bed now.

p.s: I don't understand with the airport management. Why there is no contingency plan to handle situation like this. If they know the lights has been a problem since yesterday evening, why is it still the same until today?


TaQuiLa said...

I got a friend who also stranded di kl.. To add more horror she'll engage this Saturday and hopefully she'll safely reached hometown la..

All the best moi

Ssan said... chaos nya...never encounter such thing, never will i hope...

Joan said...

Sheila..oh my, kesian lagi ur kawan that. stress gila tu..huhuhu.

Ssan. really a chaos. if only the security at the airport put everyone in a proper line at least everyone won't be fuming mad.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

@Joan: baru ja i wanna ask someone about this issue...masuk news ba ni. ada power outage. Flights coming in and out kena cancel. Patut la bnyk org mengamuk di fb about their flights being canceled. Have fun in ur concert though :D

chegu carol said...

sa pun kesian juga la sama tu boboi yg handle di counter...stress betul kali dia suda kena marah2 tapi time ko snap dia, masi nampak cool lagi...if i was there and affected by plane cancellation when i was supposed to be somewhere pronto, maybe darah saya pun naik sampai bucur dari kepala sudah kali....

big bang post next!

Joan said...

Amanda...chaos. Berabis mo cool while queueing pun ada juga terlepas tu cursing sebab banyak orang cut queue

Chegu. stress tu semua staff kesian juga sa nampak. Ada guests yang menangis2 sudah depan dorang di kaunter juga time tu. Punya sandi.