Sunday, August 26, 2007

the moments...part two

looking good is the key of every good picture..akaka..what a nonsense. it's the story behind each shot that counts..

these two shots; my penyibuk sister took..go and kacau me in the midst of everything

voila..ready to go...
me and cath before entering the hallme mum and my sis waiting outside...*panas dat tyme i guess*
graduates in the hall
the stage...i made a total fool out of myself that day..when I received my scroll the Tan Sri said congratulations but very soft. Then I tot he was asking me something.. I stood there a bit longer than we all should be with my face looking like a dumb girl...question marks all over...blergh..malunya...hohoho..On stage photo buruk!! Lucky the studio shot was OK...Phew..nasib baik

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