Sunday, August 26, 2007

the moments...last part

and the after if. it was raining when we came out from the hall...So, the camera war that was usually so 'hebat' had been dampened by the rain. huhu..kenapa la ba hujan dat day.. Blessing in disguise mangkali tu..

so peeps, this is the last of the 3 parts. enjoy. me and my friends...juniors as well
cath, aren *si budak kecil in red, and me
me and me mum at the entrance of usm...a must have shot for every graduate this...
science in education graduates...teachers of tomorrow kunun ni
me and my family outside the hall...damn it was so jammed up out there..some more with the rain..gosh!
more teachers to be
this is me and debbie..she won the pingat emas for sains pendidikan (best student la ba tu)...Both of us were the only SHELL scholar in our course...but me and her so different...she is SO bright and me...uhm..hehe
sisters with flowers...
me and my parents
and lastly...we were once the three stooges of our time but now we are all teachers of the future... :)

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Earthy Emily said...

Baa...Congratulations! Semoga menjadi guru yang berdedikasi. :)