Friday, August 03, 2012

Olympics Craze

Currently am hooked to the aquatic scene more than the other events even though there's more drama in Badminton, Weightlifting or Fencing. The blunders and controversies.

Yes, the aquatic scene is the best! Uhm..not this one though. LOL

Although, diving is also interesting because Malaysia is competing but..but..but no one can deny the hot men in the swimming arena.

The US men swimming team actually.. dorang la paling mengancam. haha
Move over you two, Lochte and Phelps stand aside, I want that  cute guy behind you two!

Nicknamed Bok Choy

Ahhhh...a total eye candy
With a body to die for, cantik betul muscles dia. ( pay attention to the white brief fella ) - yang lain semua bikin takut jak
Nathan Adrian.. Y U SO HOT & CUTE too?!

His parents ( the mom is a Chinese )

Jatuh cinta sudah saya ni..
I guess he have to thank his mom for that Asian genes that made him so delicious looking like "siew mai". Ahahaha. That pan-asian look. Oh-emm-gee! 

Marry me Nathan! Or at least just appear in my dreams tonight...huhu.


Suis Rusak said...

mcm muka andre tu... haha

Joan said...

Mana ada...jauh panggang dari api tu..

Amanda Christine Wong said...

OMG, mau repost tu gmbr constipation!