Monday, July 28, 2008

Make Me Fabulous!

owh. after much ado about finding the right template for my blog. I ended with this theme again. brownish the sweet blog last time. no more whites for me. its getting a bit boring with monochromatic colors.

owh..i am weekends gone.

but managed to go for a cheap make over at bodyshop 1borneo tadi. Cheap la...RM35 saja bah! the outcome was so-so. but is still okay compared to the one that I did in Penang with Estee Lauder.. Spent rm300 and got very buruk picture."ini dan itu"
"Try and guess which one was done with Bodyshop and which is Estee Lauder?" many owh..i am indeed sleepy and tomorrow have to go to work. huhuhuhu.

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