Sunday, July 13, 2008

vanity chest

warning: if you hate narcissism. stop reading now.

I adore these women, but I just don't think I fit the make up tips and style that they have on them

The very sexy Kim Kardashian...

me ..pretending to be Kim... *doi! punya bida macam makhluk asing ooo*
The gorgeous Victoria Beckham
*ni lagi macam bumi dan langit oooo..yai!!!!!*

But, one word of advice to other girls. Never ever count on bleached blonde hair, fake lashes, blue contact and ultra-pink blusher to make you look super-kawaii ... or else you will end up looking like her

OMG....if I did this in real life, I will look like this... *DOOOOOOIIIII! like in Kampung Air saja*


Vivien Dumpangol said...

lol. this is funny. anyway, just blog hopping-by :)

EviE said...

thanks..u should check out also..

hehe. wanna exchange links?