Thursday, July 31, 2008

Welcome August

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The month of weddings for this year. the 08.08 date is certainly something most couples are looking forward to.

Starting this coming weekend, there are several people I know that are getting hitched. *Winnie&Oliver*

The other weekend, the most auspicious one *Brenda&Loriot*

the following weekend...*ada, but I forgot who*

Usually it's gonna be the school holiday season only then you will have multiple invitations for wedding. But, this month is special. So banyak la makan free and more angpaus for the newlyweds mau bagi. muahaha.

So, to those who are tying the knotpic from


On another note; the marriage talk around this time of the year and around this age is totally inevitable. It is just so lucky that my family is not the pushy type that keep pestering you with questions like "when you gonna get married ah?" or "jadi bila lagi la?"

But some of peers do have the pressure, and I see some of them who got married young also because the family kept pestering them to do so *Not that I am saying all of them like that la, but some, yes*

Anyway, marriage is just another phase that anyone will go through *I mean if you choose to be married la...hehe*. So, it is totally a good thing that two people come together and share their life for better or for worse *so they speak lah...huhu*

I am happy for my friends that have reached that phase and I am truly amazed with the courage that they have to take that big step. As for me, I am still very happy receiving wedding invitations because get to makan-makan, dress up, and see people and of!!!

Hahahahaa....*ignore the last part if you want* :p

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Onderay said...

08 08 08 is olympics opening day!!