Monday, July 14, 2008

waking up to this

it was the first time since ages, that I woke up suddenly there was a strong feeling of missing something.

seriously, haven't been feeling so sentimental for quite some time. even when i tried to brush things off by keeping myself busy with housework, the feeling just wont go away. haishhh..

memories reeling in my head just like a movie..guess am missing the good old days.

oooo....comelnya kunun
orientation..guess some of the people here lupa me oredi
USM days....huhuhu...made me SO sad. Lost most of the pics, since my PC hangkang that day.

ni zaman kurus2 lagi, adui...exco camp. those dorky faces ...

me and anee and far right is cheryl with the i-dont-care pose..eheks..miss you la girls!

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