Thursday, July 17, 2008

why do women shop longer than men?

" Kenapa ba perempuan ni kalau mau bili barang, misti juga ada urang ikut, pusing-pusing tempat sama, tinguk-tinguk benda sama berkali-kali, tapi tidak juga beli terus, kenapa ah?"

That was one of the questions that my male colleague were asking another female teacher because he was so puzzled with his wife behavior while shopping.

Then my female colleagues all echoed one another saying that MOST women shop like that.


I was just at one corner and smiling to myself upon hearing the conversation.

I totally agree with my female colleagues

1) most women tend to pusing-pusing one shop so many times, try so many baju at one time, but in the end, didn't buy anything *this include me! :P*

2) most women need someone to shop with them. Well, shopping with girlfriends is fun but it wont beat shopping with your other half. men, your opinion one of my male colleague used to say "If a girl said that you look good in a dress, don't trust what they said because they don't want you to look better than them. But, totally trust what a guy will say because they know what will look good on you"..

*well, maybe true but I think if your boyfriend/ husband is SO tired waiting for you to shop, they might end up just lying to you ~ so that you will finish your shopping cepat2*

3) and yeah, so far I havent meet any girl that could shop like men...

But, the longest hour that I have spent to shop non-stop was 5 hours, that was with one of best buddy .. Sheila.. I miss those time stamina. huhu

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