Friday, June 15, 2012

Saya rindu my blog

I sort of went MIA for a couple of weeks right? Been busy, been away, been sunburnt, been busy again and now work resumes.

Trying my best to get my routine back on track but the holiday mood is still there. Oh my! Laziness is still conquering everything.

Just finished a three day course for the 1M1S thingy and next week I heard that am gonna be called out again for another course. Hopefully tidak jadi because I need to finish up my syllabus. Help!

In the meantime, rajin pula saya membaca magazine ni


chegu carol said...

i feel you about going out for course too often...dulu masa sa masi di kgau, oleh kerana skul yg kici..usually kalo pi course, it's always the same person yg kena pilih...bila sdh selalu keluar pi course, your momentum in teaching will definitely phased out...tu yg bikin tidak siok.

stan said...

tot watching foot-ball...go German

Joan said...

chegu..ya bah. sa punya skul basar juga ni. tapi certain things ada yang same people saja kena target ni. huhuhu..

stan..i don't really follow euro this year..hehe