Tuesday, June 19, 2012

KK Jazz Fest 2012

I have to thank my boss, Mr Chris P, for the complimentary tickets that he got for us to watch the KK Jazz Fest 2012.

It was an awesome two nights. The final performance was Rio Sidik's (an amazing musician from Bali ) and he made KK people high on music. Sempat lagi dia kasi tau "When I was 18, my girlfriend is from KK, Tamparuli, Kiulu. " Wah punya lah..sempat lagi kan.

Ada lagi some musician friend of mine pigi tanya on my facebook status "ko ka yang si Rio maksudkan tu" - Hahaha. LOL!

photo credits to genie's fb - Day 1 at the KK Jazz Fest!

Day 2 - am loving the lights so much since Day 1.. Mega Boogie Lighting system are the best! But the lights behind me is the permanent fairy lights which belongs to the resort.

Anyway, I have my leave approved for this Friday, so see ya..don't wanna be ya..hahaha

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