Friday, September 18, 2009

a 180 degree turn

I was just about to rejoice and be happy for the nice Thursday at work. It is completely a 180 degrees turn at home.


Anyway, I am not in a very good mood now. Sulk-sulk-sulk.

And ooh.. I am totally hating that facebook apps that can automatically tag your friends. There are some like the zodiac and personality things not so bad la. Still okay, the tag list is not as long as the one "Top Friends - September".

The tag list for that one is just like OMG. I had a hard time to find my name to remove the tag.

Peeps, *esp those who like to use these apps* I love you all. But, things are getting way out of control especially when my inbox is filled with the nonsense-too-much updates. I know I can turn off that feature yet I do want updates from tags that I value important.

So, before you click that button~ think twice .. or more than that. A click can make one life to be miserable.

Like me..right now.. T_T

1 comment:

Amanda Christine Wong said...

ooh...i dont like that tagging application too! teda2 ni :/