Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's Malas Sia day

Supposedly Malaysia Day lah!

Yes, 16th of September. Public holidays ~ only in Sabah though. Haha.

So, in my very shallow kinda thinking now. Sabah = Malaysia. Sarawak + Peninsular = Not Malaysia.

LOL! Joking...

For me it's not about having the public holidays or not. It's about how the society remember, commemorates and define the 16th of September.

Independence of Malaya was on the 31st of Aug 1957. Technically, 52 years of independence belongs to Malaya. But, we ( Malaysians ) should also be grateful for this event because without it there will be no Malaysia 6 years later from that date.

Hence, the 16th of September should be celebrated as the birth of Malaysia. 46 years it is this year.

Talking about this will bring us to a dead end and it will always resurface time and time again when 16th of Sept approaches. Remember my post about this last year? [link]

So, wish one another "Selamat Hari Merdeka untuk Malaya!" on the 31st of Aug and "Selamat Hari Malaysia" on the 16th of Sept.

Public holiday or not. It is the thought and gratitude that counts.


On another note, I am supposed to finish some scheduled task today but since it is Malas Sia ( I-am-lazy) day too. I failed. Haha


Gallivanter said...

I agree. It's time we RECOGNIZE Malaysia Day!


Amanda Christine Wong said...

tu laa...i have class ni every 16th of sept when everyone di sabah cuti ni :/