Saturday, September 19, 2009

He should be playing his cards right

Apparently this Hafiz is not humored by the concerns of East Malaysians towards certain things. [link]

My two cents worth on this:

Who is slamming the peninsular states anyway for Malayan imperialism? Hmmm. No one has been slamming the "states". It has been the government all along.

And about the March election, it is not the people's fault that they choose the government over at this side of Malaysia...and when the reps failed, people still do complain. Life's like that lah. What to do. We want to complain..kami punya mulut juga bah, nda suka dingar tutup telinga.

Over representation in the parliament. Hmmm. Maybe those population thingy is not the main factor that will decide how many seats will be allocated, it's the keluasan jajahan. So that the orang utans and monkeys can be saved too because there are in the jungle. LOL! Kidding..Oh wait, I scared that Hafiz will read this and he will be pissed off because he doesn't get "humoured" especially by East Malaysian remarks.. ^_^

Anyway, I do agree sometimes East Malaysian have too much to complain about and having inferiority complex towards our West counterparts.

Yet, one thing this fella should know is that the political scene here in East Malaysia is totally different from the peninsular.

If in peninsular, one propaganda being posted on a blog. A whole army of people will start to talk about it and tables can be turned.

Yet here, one propaganda being disguised as a bantuan bekalan gas dan dapur, especially to the rural kampung folks ;can definitely make them root to those who gave them that help.

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