Saturday, September 19, 2009


And so I've visited the floating bookshop. It was a super sunny day today. Thank God for the umbrella that I always have in the car. Phew!

The ship is not as big as I thought. And hey, the books collection was not that extensive yet it was still very interesting.

So me and my sisters went around.

I noticed there are a lot of children books and books on Christianity.

I wanted to buy this..
but I guess it will only collect dust or at the end of reading the book, I will be too wise for my age..LOL!

and there are many-many types of bibles too..kinda freaked me out though. hehe
So many types of bible sampai "every man's bible" pun ada.. So, I think my aim to find any books on new age stuff will be futile la since religion rules here. Tarot cards = nada!

And ah! my long-forgotten interest..Astronomy.
Tidak beli juga..huhu.

In the end...

just camwhore la..haha

Uhuhu..such nice abs! Bilakah????

Owh..the MV Doulos will still be here till the 20th. So do go and visit even if you don't plan to buy any books. It is the historical value and interesting stories that draw me to visit the ship and indeed the sentimental historical values hit me. Besides the crew are all warm and cheerful too.

Those with little kids will benefit the most out of any visit. The children books are a lot!

Anyway, just wear nice and comfy footwear because the stairs are scary I tell you.
High heels will send you tumbling down.

You also will get a postcard at the end of your visit. Bah pigi lah, still got time.


chegu carol said...

last year sa pigi, ended up bili one book saja. book about jesus. hahaha!
and some key chains for remembrance cos kunu2 it was the last voyage for doulos last yr...tau2 masi ada pula this yr.

theRev said...

ui.. cantik baju! mana dpt? :D

Joan said...

matt..check out this site