Wednesday, October 06, 2010

October eh?

I heard its the PINK October.. Breasts Cancer Awareness Month eh? I am an avid supporter. My whole blog is pink. All year long some more. Haha.

Anyway, it's October already. Time flies and it waits for no man. October and coming November means its gonna be a busy busy month at school. Exam. Paper marking. Serah tugas and what not. Students gonna be rejoicing because the long holidays is coming.

I reminisce the years of high school after seeing my schoolmates at my friend's wedding recently. Some of them I haven't met for almost ten years. Hopefully the idea to have that big reunion after ten years is gonna be a reality. Tapi macam tiada organizer pun tu..

Congratulations Trinna and spouse! ~tidak sempat take pic with the husband. Semua aramaitii sudah..
Best wishes for the future.. If you ada anak nanti, I still wanna be called "kakak" okay. Don't want Aunty. ^_^

Friends who attended the reception ( Left to Right )

Debbie - The soft spoken one and always the good listener. Best friend time jamboree BIMP-EAGA ni...tukang kasi kawan pigi mandi jam 3 pagi.

Yours Truly - masi pendek.nda pandai tinggi2. Thank God for high heels. Yay!

Ejun - I always remember she jual burger or nasi lemak from room to room for supper. And we wont go buy from her awal2 cos we wanna aim for the lelong period which gonna be around midnight time. Haha

Sai - The tall one. One of the best netball player our school team got. Paling sporting ni. Dia lah yang paling lama nda jumpa until now.

Geraint - the ex boyfriend.alright.full stop.haha.

How nice if the others can make it. It's quite hard for us to kumpul back because our school is in Kuching and we come from various places in Sabah. So, now everyone is with their career, we are again scattered around.

Can notice who is who?

L-R: Ejun, Karol, Azlina, Trinna, Felly, (yours truly), Debby, Sai


chegu carol said...

jauh pula kamurang kena hantar pigi high skul ah joan :)
it's so nice to be able to meet up with friends from long years back.

Azlina said...

Arthuro will call u 'cheche' Jaon la hehe.. Aiya i missed taking pic with ur guys owh huhu..but nvr mind next wedding please? Ejun,Debby,Joan,Sai or Geraint?? which 1 of u?

Tal said...

joan~ lain suda rupa semua ni...hehe, c trinna pun sy x kenal suda. :)