Tuesday, October 19, 2010

low batt

Maybe it's my sleeping cycle has been disrupted. Or I am plainly exhausted.

Lately I am always sleepy. While typing this also I am struggling to stay awake.

Oh my.

Anyway, just sharing two videos. Performances of me and my sisters during a recent event.

And each of this song has interesting stories that comes with it

First, this one.

Siok-siok nyanyi then the guitar fell. The expressions on our faces were funny. Terkejut bah tapi nda bulih berhenti tengah jalan ni. Nyanyi saja lah. Haha

Then this original song of ours making its debut to the public on that very same event.

Composed and written by my sisters. The night prior to the event we were rehearsing at home and the last part. Acapella ending, we sang nicely. But much to our surprise that time everyone were wondering who sang the melody because all of us did our voicings.

We were like

" Sepa nyanyi suara satu tadi tu? Ko ka? " .. "Err tiada semua kita nyanyi voicing tu.."

So, hmmm.. This song entitled Janji, we also called it lagu berhantu.

Anyway, enjoy and tell me what you think?


Anonymous said...

Last time sia pun kuat mengantuk macam ndada energy. Rupanya from my blood work they say I have low iron. So now I'm OK after taking iron supplement.

Nanti I watch your clips!

TaQuiLa said...

si amy yg ketara betul expression dia worry btul ni ba..heeeeeee

nice performance! me likey~

Rose Ragai said...

Hi Joan..
You guys have a very beautiful voice. Stumble upon yr blog from Dev blog just now. Will follow you and add your blog to my blog list. Nice to meet new blogger frens. Drop by sometimes at my blog. Have agreat weekend! God bless.