Monday, July 01, 2013

Eventful July

Hello July! 

I just came back from Kudat for the Sunset music fest. I hope I can blog about that soon. Man! The final week of June was so hectic with school sports day, kursus 1m1s, and the kudat trip. I survived everything juga la. Phew! Right after coming back from Kudat yesterday there was a gig as well for a dinner. Everything back to back.

So, waking up this morning to face Monday is certainly something very hard to do. My room is still in a mess. Laundry to be done. And I am still tired. But I have to work as well right ? So off to school I go even though I am late as usual. Haha

Upon reaching school the next thing I know there was a massive hysteria attack in which more than 10 students are all shouting at different places. Adoi. Sudah la that time is the transition time ( the morning session is going home and the afternoon session is going into classes) - ramai la budak jadi spectator as well as jadi ghostbusters. 

Ada yang lari lari bawa rosary and crucifix. Ada yang sibuk siram siram holy water. Ada lagi yang reciting prayers out loud and of course in between are all the hysteric shouts. Pening-pening. Apparently this is actually the aftermath of the scouts camping yang dorang ada kena kacau "spirits" and now when Monday comes, belum lagi habis the incident. So a hysteria attack marathon it was.

Aaaaaandddd the best thing is I found out I am actually the teacher on duty ( guru bertugas ) this week. Hmppph!! Such an "honor" to attend to an eventful day. So my job today was mostly attending to these cases and ferrying students back to their home.

Totally a manic Monday!

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