Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday - Things I like #4

Once you started working and life changes from being so care free to be a rat race, things are different. Yes, different in a sense that your goals changed.

From the life of a student to a working adult life. Then; no money but still can have a good time and no worries because there wasn't mortgage and bills to pay. Now; ____ (you fill in the blanks)

So, let us take a step back and reminisce about the good old days.

1) non stop shopping 
Be it window shopping or real shopping. This was something that I should remember and would really like to do it again. There was one time, that me and my bestie Sheila spent like more than 5 hours touring Prangin Mall in Penang, going in and out of shops, trying on clothes and just don't feel tired at all. Punya rajin. I guess nowadays 3 hours non stop shopping is already torturing much. Sakit pinggang, sakit kaki ( maklum la berat badan sudah )

2) party on a weekday
Carpool into one miserable Kancil and party the night away in a club. Go out at least two to three times a week and go swamp the clubs on Ladies Night. Haha. Too broke to buy our own drinks but nonetheless we had fun. And some of my friends lose weight by dancing all through the night.

3) adrenaline escape
Remember Akademi Fantasia? Well, I was an avid fan back then. So, we watched the show finale at a gerai outside campus and totally forgot about the curfew ( the main gate close at midnight ) - climbing the gate to go back is the way to go in. Hey, who got caught by the security guard while running in the dark trying to dodge the beam of the torchlight from the sewel security guards? It was yours truly (plus a few other friends). Fun times!

4) camps 
Good time to escape from the monotony of campus life and also meet new people also go to new places. The cheapest way to travel and socialize. Yea, I met my other half from camps as well. Ahahaha.

5) slumber parties
Crashing in at a friend's house or room and just chat and chat and chat and chat . We talk about anything and everything ( and also read tarot cards to tell about the future. Hahahahaha ) I remember having an extra key for my bestie's hostel room. I was like the other extra room mate who is forever there.

Things were much simpler then huh? Ah, the elixir of youth.

The list goes on. I guess everyone have the memory of youth that you wish you still can do it now.


chegu carol said...

Is that my adik ipar on the second photo?? hahaha you know, some of her cool statement baby tee worn in those years are now waris pigi saya...kalau sy tunjuk dia when i wear the baju, she'll go beserk knowing she was THAT thin back then. Ha!

Joan said...

Chegu! ... Yes it is your adik ipar. hehehe.