Saturday, July 20, 2013

Afternoon naps are luxury items

I am so happy this weekend because I get to do afternoon naps. Man, it is indeed a luxury these days to have those. My weekend is a full on "dunno dun care weekend". I just do the things that I want to do and not the ones that I have to do.

Talking about the things that I want to do; I remember when I was growing up I always pretend that I am reading news. I will just grab the magazine, newspaper or the bible and read it out loud ala news reader style.

I have tried out two news casting auditions in the past and the third one was last week and I got the call backs. Yeay! starting Monday, am gonna be having intensive daily training to read news on the set. Hopefully if it is my luck, I will have the chance to read the Berita Wilayah on TV1 soon.

Am one of the 3 who got the call backs, my bestie, Clarvie is also one of the 3. So, it is fun to have kawan - It isn't that intimidating.

And the fact about being on camera made you put as if you have gained a few pounds. I guess it is true. Extra gemuk la saya on screen. Perlu kurus lagi.


Amanda Christine Wong said...

Oh my! YOU GET TO BE ON TV! that's the dream! you and si avie? bangga o. coz when u guys are on tv i can go, 'sy kenal tu dorang'.. wahaha...good luck!

CJane said...

Yay!! Good luck!!!

Joan said...

Amanda. Yes, me and avie. But still under training now la. Not gonna be on air yet.

CJane. Yeay! Thanks