Tuesday, September 04, 2007

baked in broad daylight!

I think it was a mistake to say that I love everything under the sun because literally I hate it! and now being in this hospitality and tourism industry and being put into a department which requires me to practically spend my working my time basking in the sun made me to change my mind mind about that everything-under-the-sun statement. You will literally get what you ask for, so be careful...hehe

Somehow, I am loving what I am doing right now. Am still under training and probation period though but the activities that I should do is so wonderful ..hehe..as if am the guest of the hotel..haha..and believe this: I am paid to have the experience like a guest who tried all the recreational activities..and this include watersports (jet skis, parasailing etc), spa experience, games and etc..

So, I am very happy to this job now, period. Haha, the worst is yet to come but in the mean time gotta savor everything that I can. As they said, it's part of the job..and here are some of the pics taken during my Island Cruise to Gaya Island from the resort..If you are a guest and wanna be on this cruise this will cost you around RM275.00 :P

the last sight of my fair skin..now I am dark...thanks to the sun

peaceful Gaya Island...very quiet, great place to relax

On the boat...nice breeze, beautiful horizon and skyline, yes it is the SOuth China Sea, spectacular view on a sunny dayAnd yeah, the life jacket is a must and fun as well as a memorable experience is a guarantee.


Earthy Emily said...

Where you work at? What company?

Joan said...

shangri-la's rasa ria tuaran..milai..ko tinggi ba..u want to try masuk d front ofice durang cari urg tinggi and lawa that for the ocean wing..extension of the hotel to be open by late 2007

Earthy Emily said...

Hehe. Sya sibuk jadi sigu.