Tuesday, February 02, 2010

February eh?

I am so looking forward for great things to happen this February. January went well. A few hiccups here and there but I am surviving.

One good thing is I survived the January Challenge : not using the credit card. Hehe

Well, I lied about that. I did use it also BUT i did pay up all. So no damage done except for the existing debt. ~ Sigh!

Anyway, my January ended with a blast. I attended Celebrity Showcase @Shenanigans on Sunday night. Yes, the night before Monday. It is always a thrill to party before a working day. Sa suka!

And so.. great friends to accompany too. Though some did cancel on me. Thanks to Jonathan, Mex and Sofi for accompanying me there. Kesian ni nanti saturang saturang bingung sana. Mana entrance Shen pun sa nda tau..huhu
anyway, I had so much fun that night...

Highlights of the night of course was the performance.

Who can forget Luscious. It is my first time seeing them performing though. This 3 ladies are awesome. Love their harmony. Very the Destiny's Child punya stail. I love their song "Khabarkan". Seriously loving it!
And this talented singer/ songwriter Richado. I can't really recall what was his first song that night but his original song also nice. I never knew that we have really great talents in our own Land Below the Wind soil.
Sabhi Saddhi, he just launched his album prior to this celebrity showcase event. My first time hearing him perform as well. My friend said he was the part of the boyband group called Esdeco, together with Adam AF. Hmmm, no wonder he can dance well too. I love his cover for Tompi's song.
Alvin MY. He will be releasing his first album soon. February it is. This month. Can't wait...That night, he blew me away with the jazzy arrangement of Can't Take my eyes off you and L.O.V.E. Jazz and classics like that just can't go wrong.

By the way, the band who accompanied the whole performance that night is superb too. Mad awesome!
Da Prinz. My first time watching them live too. They are a bit unknown to me before this. Sorry la, only recently I really did take the local music scene seriously. And talents like this group never fail to amaze me. They sing well especially the harmony. If only I could get half of that talent; I will be very happy already. Anyway, one glance you will seriously think this group is some Korean or Japanese bunch. ^_^
and as usual, cam-whoring is the integral part of the night. Hehe. Oit, ada orang interprem ni...

Clips of the performances..


LaViaP said...

do u follow alvin MY twitter?

Joan said...

yeah I do..why?

LaViaP said...

just asking, and because i haven't hehe