Monday, February 08, 2010

Makan - makan

I am joining Milai and Sheila on blogging about this. Haha. It was a dinner date with these girls on Saturday evening at Little Italy. Oh, how I miss uni days, but we were so broke that time eh? Only can afford hawker food. Hehe
And so Little Italy, ambience and location is great. Food. Hmmm. You have to know what to order la, I have tasted better Italian food than this place. For me Little Italy is so-so only la. Location is very strategic but very bad for those with cars, parking - can die la wei..punya susah mau cari parking.

I brought my gigantic Instax 210 @ Paola and we had a good time taking pictures with Paola. Hehehe. Polaroids are fun!
Also the dinner date is to celebrate friendship and also February babies.. owh yeah! ^_^
A group picture is a must after a sumptuous meal. And an after party at Firefly after that.. Girls just wanna have fun!
Not enough for the heavy food consumption over the weekend, more damage done with my dinner just now. A 2 hours workout has gone down the drain.
But do I care? As long as it makes me happy, so be it. Life has been more complicated than it seems nowadays.


CathJ said...

Very pretty ladies all.. ^_^

Annie said...

Gambar2 nampak classic ni..

chegu carol said...

ada lagi kah italian food yg bagus d kk moi?

i like going to little italy for the spaghetti marinara in white wine. thats the only one in the menu yg sa buli kasi licin piring.