Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Malaysia day

I celebrated Malaysia Day for the first time, away from home. Nasib KL pun cuti sudah sekarang time 16th Sept. Kalau nda mana ada cuti kan. Started the morning with a Zumba session at the Free Market PJ. 

Interesting market concept. People come together and bring their stuff to give away. Macam tamu tapi nda payah bayar. Disebabkan percuma then of course paling capat la abis segala barang.

I didn't stay lama-lama sana sebab hujan, then sambung pigi workout di gym lagi. My sister is doing internship in KL now so siok la ada geng sini. For now.

And later in the evening, we attended the Moonshine 9th Anniversary Special at the Laundry, Curve. Awesome event. Get to see the who's who people in the art/music scene in KL.

Also to support my friend, Nadhira and Jin for their awesome set.

Happy Malaysia Day! 


StellaClaire-Richard said...

Seronok sya tgk

Joan said...

Stella ... :))