Friday, November 28, 2014

So damn tired

A day full of errands. Cleaning the house, mop and sweep and dusting and scrubbing bathrooms. 5hours. No joke! Top to bottom. Mau patah pinggang. Then ada class zumba lagi. 2 hours back to back. Komon.

Not to mention earlier in the morning, I have to send my car for inspection at the Affin Bank here. Sesat lagi mau cari bank. Doi! Yes, I got my car posted here. No more fighting over cars on weekends.

Oh my beloved viva. Hehe. I think Sa Macam sot ni. While driving my car, Sa cakap2 to the car as if it is my pet or something. Rindu sa sama ni kereta.

Welcome to your new home Bibah. 

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