Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Monday

Just flew in from KL yesterday and now it is Monday again. Hey, this is gonna be my new past time. Spending weekends in airports, trains and two different homes. 

Monday morning is usually quiet with just me and the cats at home. And this is Cholo asking for a back massage. Spoiled cat.

Supposed to go Zumba after work but I end up being in a shopping mall because of some errands. Look, what I see at Cotton On. Nice tee eh? It is just RM15. Too bad they don't have "85" printed on the tee, if not I will be buying it already. Cotton On stuff are only worth the buy when it is on sale. Other times, it is like some overpriced sheer t-shirt.

And also, I get my hair washed and my fringe cut at Inspiration Saloon. RM35 for the service. Not bad! But I dislike the girls, who I assumed is new to the job. They just don't know how to blow dry my hair. If you ever wanna try the saloon, don't let the newbies do your hair.

See this photo! Funny right. Haha. It's as if I have that hairy legs there. LOL

How was your Monday?

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