Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Things to keep me sane

Halfway through the week. I am so pumped to get through the day, knowing that tomorrow is the last day of school for this week. Thank God for Good Friday. This is also the Holy Week and this means it is busier than usual. More time to spent for the preparation.

I seem to lose my mojo this week. I am sleepy. I am lazy. I yawn while teaching in class. What is happening to me? But on the other hand, doing things that keep me sane keeps me alive pula.

1) Working Out

Feels great to just lose myself in music and move to it. Especially doing Zumba. I love to draw the energy from the people in my class.
If they feel good, I feel good too.

2) Live Music

It has been a while that I attended an event which has a live music. A great outing with the girls made me realize that good company, good food and good music goes well together.
But I would not recommend the food at the place we went to last night. Hot Rod in Warisan Square is a nice place for music and drinks but not for the food.

3) Television series

Currently hooked on to Devious Maids 
and 2 Broke Girls.
I am watching the series on . Really a good way to de-stress. It is just that my internet connection is making me stressed out because it doesn't stream smoothly. Huhu

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