Friday, May 02, 2008

one of the Moffatts is Gay!

This I'll be there for you song really bring me back to the time when I was only in form 2. weighing not more than 40kg..yes I was so, no need to say la.

Like my friend, sheila said, listening to these songs in the late 90's era make her feel young. I was chatting with her just now and she asked me to watch those BSB, 5ive, 911 and all the other bands' music video on

Well, I couldn't lie to myself..It is invigorating! hahahaha

Anyway, I also googled about the Moffatts, just doing this out of curiosity and hey I read a lot of stuff on Dave Moffatts. One of it here...He is like more famous than his brothers just because he is GAY..*dunno true or not* but his sexual orientation really do make him more famous than the other Moffatts. I think I am a bit like 10 years behind of the story but either way, it is still very interesting...How someone can be so famous in their heyday, but a total zero now and had to start from the bottom again..Just like any other people

this is him auditioning for Canadian Idol

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