Sunday, May 11, 2008

selection day for Unduk Ngadau Tuaran level

Twas an hectic day on Saturday. Morning taught tuition and straight away after that went to Tun Hamdan hall in Tamparuli for the selection of Unduk Ngadau contestants. Well, not as a contestant. Not this year. Am seriously taking my time off all this hulla-balloo.

At noon, the organizers this time is still waiting for contestants. Unlike last year this year's was quite uhm...Okay, never mind about that. At last 16 contestants manage to be selected. Well, technically it is automatic without any selection because the contestants "ngam-ngam" only.

Picture below is during the catwalk session rehearsals
Hey pretty ladies...ALMOST all of the finalists are here. One or two is still MIA due to unforeseen circumstances

so here is the close up shoot for the finalists. You see la yourself, didn't manage to get all the names. Maybe if anyone you know and can tell me their names, please do so :)
name n/a

Serra. she is a blogger too. Her blog

name n/a

name n/a


name n/a

name n/a



name n/a

name n/a

ni nama kampung only i know so better dun publish here..hehe

name n/a

this one also sama..only know her nama kampung only, dunno real name

The chairlady of the organizing comittee giving briefing, Mrs Enick. The 'bulat' girl with the peace sign is her daughter.. COMEL kan?

Ba, agak2 siapa yang ada chance to be the successor of Ms. Joanna Sue Rampas?


bengodomon said...

If you ask Neo, of course it's going to be Serra :-)

Next question, will Tuaran retain the crown this year?

EviE said...

yea..if ask Neo, memang si Serra juga la. and my personal opinion juga, she might stand a chance.

but whether Tuaran will retain the crown again this is very hard to say..

bebek said...

i personally think only 3 or 4 ladies yg betul2 ada personality dan potential jadi finalists... bukan unduk ngadau.. but finalists....

EviE said...

wat to do...this is the only girls yang came to the potential o not, masuk saja la

queen_B said...

oo...c sera tu c dedrie bah tu...sia pun lupa suda macamna mo spell nama dia tu....complicated btul... ha hah..satu skul ma sia dulu....anak cigu bha dia ni top student lagi tahun2....bha ngam la pun sapot jaaa...

EviE said...

ya betol! queen_B anda mendapat 100 markah..serra is dierdre. dia lah tu

Dazeree said...

i support serra!

EviE said...

the sister has spoken...hehehe...