Tuesday, May 20, 2008

penat..ko tau ka?

damn..it was a very tiring day. and it is expected throughout the week gonna be like this until I leave for Bali.

This morning, woke up before 6 and gotta drive to SGCC to attend a course. It is a two day course actually but tomorrow I am surely gonna be sick. So gotta see doctor for MC..*hehe*

Course end at 5 something and of course *JAM!*...dammit...went to Karamunsing to buy some stuff but habis stock *munyit betul* then gotta brave the jam again to go wisma merdeka *my head spinning d that time~fuh!*

On my way back around 7pm, got a call from my friend that my taekwondo coaches from USM came to UMS for MASUM then they wanna have dinner with me. Was at Menggatal d that time, then have to patah balik to UMS to meet up with them *exhausted tahap dewa sudah*

Makan-makan, talk-talk, and after that wanna berak d. cilaka. Luckily they oso wanna go back d so after saying goodbye I faster2 drive back so that tidak terberak tengah jalan. *I know I sound disgusting..just let me be*

Reach home at 10.15pm. Damn tired. Kemas this and that. Shower!!!! *thank goodness for that* and now I am typing this.

Why did I type all this crap for you to read anyway *my head beeping d, time to go to sleep*

Blergh! ZzZzZzZzZzZzZz


fie the elf said...

hahahaha sia pun sumtimes like that. ill be in the car and then im like, fuck i need to shit badly!!! like sooo bad until i feel im gonna berak in the car.

Anonymous said...

no wonder somebody reply short2. the pangsai wanna keluar...wahahhaahah

Anonymous said...

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