Saturday, March 03, 2012

On time

Today is the very first time since February that I actually go to school on time. Jam saya selalu rosak bah. haha. tu alasan bah.

Anyway, I am the guru bertugas this week, so need to go around and observe + evaluate the keceriaan of the classes as well. Haaa.. ini ada cerita ni.

So, went classes lah macam biasa. See the curtain, see the wall, see the table and chairs, see got sampah or not. Then I sampai one class. This class is the kelas aliran arab. Supposedly all the students are the good ones. I singgah at the window to look to the class.

At the window, next to where I am standing, there was this one student so engrossed with something under the table. I was standing next to him but he didn't even realized I was there. I expected that he must looking at  his mobile phone. Hmmm..memang mo kena ni sa bilang dalam hati.

Instead of evaluating the keceriaan of the class, I look into what he was holding in his hand. Ahhhh, main game..main bola punya game. Without hesitation, I grabbed the phone that was partly hidden under the table.

"Eeeeee...jangan kacau bah!" said the kid without looking up. Then I say "Hey, bagi cigu ni telefon"

His expression when he saw me there was priceless. I don't know how to describe. But just imagine, somebody's face if they are caught red-handed with no way out or what so ever to deny and get away with it.

He kept pleading. " Cikgu, nda bulih bagi 'chan' ka cigu? - alaaaaa... mama saya marah saya la nih". I just told him to see the Penolong Kanan Petang if he wants his phone back. Then masih lagi dia cakap.. " aaalllaaaa..cigu...alamaaaaa".

Biarlah kau sa bilang dalam hati. I quickly evaluate the class and look to the student's phone again, to turn off his on going football game. Pressed the back button and it led me to the folder where all the game is stored. Nah, one game caught my eyes, which I really think that a young boy shouldn't  have in his mobile.

King of Sex City.

I open the game and BAM...come a topless cartoon lady. and says " come stroke my pussy " and BAM a man banging her.

Atukoi!!! Gila juga ni budak ni. Nampak saja bagus. Bah, berurusan la ko sama tu PK Petang. His offence, if you really wanna play by the book could lead to gantung sekolah I think for he is in possession of pornographic material too.

I know hormones are raging. But agak-agakla bah. Kalau mau pun pandai2 la bah tapuk. Jangan la bah bawa tu telefon pigi sikul. Ni kalau malang tidak berbau then terjumpa cigu macam saya.

Sekian, terima kaseh!


Faybaloche said...

Wah~~budak2 zaman skrg punya men advanced...haha

Amanda Christine Wong said...

hahah...kotoh. at least im nicer when it comes to phones. as long as nda kacau my pnp :D

CathJ said...

Ayayaya...... Prono game pun ada? Berapa umur jg ni budak? Ok cukup sampai sana saja komen sia... Saya ni semua anak lelaki.. I nvr knw wat will happen to them nanti p sikul... Tapi kalau main game prono...siap kana rotan... :p : p...

TaQuiLa said... tu ba! hahaha