Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Facebook is for

Procrastinators like me..

I can surely make the time fly un-noticed by just opening my browser to facebook. I guess blog hopping wont make me procrastinate that much because I usually frequent those in FOLLOW list only. Haven't really done much blog hopping of this late because I spend more time being nosy on facebook. Silent stalker it is.

Anyway, what's with the facebook "like" competition for photos on facebook. It started to make a comeback again after it fizzled out some time ago. Hmmm. Kalau competition hebat nda pa juga ni. Ni yang selalu yang teda-teda bah. Nda tau pun apa prize dia. Natural Beauty la, Best Smile lah.. tau nunu-nunu poh. Weird!

1 comment:

Amanda Christine Wong said...

i know right. n mostly requires u to 'like' the page. hell to the no for me!