Thursday, March 22, 2012

I am happy today!

And I won't let anything ruin my beautiful day today. I hope. Finger crossed!

There's a lot of reasons to smile today

1) Gaji sudah. Yeay ada duit although it will my bank account will be empty in a matter of seconds paying bills and what not but the thought having money even for a while calms the weary heart. Gahaha!

2) My last day of working for the week. Bisuk sa cuti and back to the land where I took my SPM. Mo pigi ambil result SPM ni. kenen.

3) My netball team (under 18) won the first place for the Netball MSSD Tuaran championship yesterday. Tapi saya la pula kena coach itu team under 18 pigi peringkat gabungan. Hadoi! Tapi nda pa la. It was a sweet victory because it has been a while since we won any major title.

4) I get to wake up later than usual because working time is as usual today. Unlike for the past few days I have to wake super early to go the netball tournament place.

Anyway, my daily running routine is getting less. Hadoi! Too busy lately. Maintaning a routine is so hard. MUST run this evening.

Also, my new found love is Zumba. I have stopped listening to Latin songs since I stopped going for Latin dance class. But now my youtube searches are mostly Latin songs already.

To those residing in Tuaran and Tamparuli, do join me going for classes under ZIN Lolee


ryena said...

dimana kelas zumba d tuaran tu?mcm berminat.

Joan said...

sana dekat agro bank.. atas kedai abca deko..yang warna biru dia punya cat. on the way to temple tu.. :)

or just search zumba fitness with lolee lopez on facebook. boleh dapat details about the class there. hope to c u around soon :)

test pen biru said...

Bole join lagi ka tu?