Friday, March 30, 2012

And so it's Friday

Knowing that it is the start of the weekend today. , it is supposed to calm me down. Yeah, weekend starts from Friday for me, I'd love to think it that way. Again, it is supposed to but unfortunately, the moment I woke up this morning I sort of have this weary feeling. Ni mesti ada orang cakap2 pasal saya ni tu la nda sinang hati. Hahaha..perasan betul!

Sitting here at the dining table, alone at home every morning. ( my parents kerja, my sister sikul, saya karaja petang - so kasi kawan itu kucing sama anjing ja la ) I am enjoying my solitary breakfast

I wish there is one place that I could rant about my workplace or whatever nonsense that I am having in more details. Maybe I should pen it in a another blog with a pseudo name. Gosh! Sometimes all the bottled up feelings are totally eating me up from inside. Plus talking it out to someone else especially from work might have some backlash. Its either there are a good listener but super judgmental towards you or a liar who is actually a news-monger for others. Bottom line, I can't trust my colleagues 100%

Ah, enough about this internal conflict of mine. I am gonna enjoy my glass of milk and a slice of cheesecake now. Have a great day ahead!


Mas Light said...

Yeah, I'd +1 on having a rant blog or a personal journal to let it out. Or just talk to someone about it. Makes you feel better. Bottling it up is bad for health *cheers ;)

Faybaloche said...

I love ur breakfast :-)

stan said...

wuhhhh...just finish my boring weeks at office, now want mingling here menyibuk (hope dun mine) eh, i really hate these type of species, always pat po atau pat kong around, just want to dig u for their bahan gossipx2 of that day. Totally its their kind of habit..makes me proud of having a smoking least saya nda kacau org.