Sunday, April 01, 2012

April Fool, Fools!

It is April Fool day today. Anybody kena April-fooled?

Well, there's nothing much interesting about this April Fool day today except that my tweets timeline is a bit flooded with tweets about pranks and what nots. And some I can say are totally lame. It is well..uhm...very much expected sometimes.

So, the home phone rang around after dinner just now and it was a phone call for my mom. My nenek called. I can't really hear what my mom was saying over the phone. But, my sisters at the living room was laughing already because apparently my nenek called my mom to pull an April Fool prank. Adeh, my nenek lagi tu! That's the funniest part. Siapa lah yang ajar my nenek suruh kasi April Fool my mom ni. So cute though! ^___^


Funny oh! Then I remembered the conversation I had with my sisters and mom over a meal. Me and my sisters was saying something about Foursquare, checking in Foursquare and what other nonsense about Foursquare. Then, suddenly my mom said " Itu Foursquare jahat tu kan. Dia suka pukul orang tu kan."

Me and my sisters looked at each other puzzled ni. Semua ada ???? on our faces.

My mom added on, " Itu Foursquare bah yang kuning-kuning tu "


And we said " Mom, itu Spongebob lah!!!!!!! "


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