Tuesday, April 17, 2012


This was taken at the end of the show. Felt so privileged to be featured as one of the opening acts alongside with the talented Abang Jon and Alvin MY. Kinda felt small, so the experience also equally nerve wrecking.

Party Play was the venue. Kinda small but it was very happening. And the for the first time, there's people who can understand the words in our song ALONE IN SEOUL. Words like " Oppa " is familiar to the crowd since most of them are KPOP lovers and they are exposed to the Korean words. Ah, thank God because most of the time that we performed this song somewhere else it would be more likely a puzzled look was given to us. And of course the oppa from Redsoul find it very aegyo. Ngehehehe!

Anyway, back to the event. I guess KK is the most happening showcase that they had and I think KK crowd really made the boys from Redsoul feels like superstars. Although the setting was pretty much humble compared to the ones in KL but everyone really did have a good time that evening. Yes, including me!

Since BigBang or 2PM are rather expensive to bring here, the boys from Redsoul is equally good in their own acapella way. Cool right? Bought their CD too and I can say there are quite some fantastic songs in the list.

In a nutshell, KK is more awesome and made these oppa remember us forever. Don't believe me. Do watch these videos and judge yourself.

Redsoul at the Media Listening Event in KL

Redsoul at their Showcase in KL

Redsoul at their Showcase in KK

Fantastic Baby!


Jay said...

Hi...am blogwalking actually... mind visiting me and probably follow me??? tq and see u...

Joan said...

Hello Julie!!!

Caneeliea said...

You ladies were awesome!! And that oppa song was cute! :)

Joan said...

thanks jacq!! we all did have a good time watching Redsoul that night kan

Suis Rusak said...

mmg concept durang ba pula tu kak... d kl concept"intimate" jd charming n romantic la drang... d kk concept nolza..jd berparty brabisan la drg..

syameen said...

Hai Joan!!! Found ur blog coincidently, didnt know u have one :) I was there during the showcase too. Your group song Hot chocolate is nice!! We took pics 2gther that nite!! hehehe...

Well, can't seem to know your group update, if you could give me a link or anything, let me know.

best wishes.

Joan said...

hello syameen!

good to hear from u.hehehe.

our band's blog is jadesisters.tumblr.com

feel free to check it out